• The chief executives and senior leaders of today’s businesses must be able to provide guidance at a time when older ideas of leadership no longer apply. With the accelerated rate of change in markets, and organizations that have become less stable, today’s leader must have a keen appreciation for taking risks, knowing when to act and shaping the organization to adjust to change.
  • Podia’s consultation to leaders provides a deep understanding of the issues that are most relevant for working at the intersection of human behavior and business. By developing techniques and insights in a confidential consultation, our clients are better able to predict and influence the complex human systems that they lead.

Organizational Design

  • The best organizations defy bureaucracy by designing and maintaining organizations that provide the constraints and opportunities that enable us to work with diligence and creatively. To the extent that the design and structure of organizations fail to meet this standard, they become burdensome entities that stifle enthusiasm, promote weak leadership and distract people from business goals.
  • Change in a company, whether driven by market forces or internal alterations, call for leaders to shape the organization so that it remains appropriately reactive and adaptive to the clients it serves. Podia’s organizational design expertise offers guidance to leaders who are determined to develop an organization that promotes adaptability, authority and accountability throughout the enterprise. In this way, the structure of the company encourages rather than detracts from the employee behavior that is essential to our clients’ success.

Work Groups

  • Teams are the central organs of today’s networked organizations. Only a workgroup that is well organized and appropriately led can manage the complexity and respond efficiently to the decision-making needs of a business. By combining business experience and expertise in the conscious and unconscious dynamics that affect all teams, Podia consultants bring executive teams to new levels of authority and influence.