1. The Failure of Risk Management in the Financial Industry: The Organization in the Mind of the Leaders. A chapter from, Towards a Socioanalysis of Money, Finance and Capitalism: Beneath the Surface of the Financial Industry, Routledge Press 2011
  2. Change and Creativity: In the case of the current creativity surfacing on the internet, the speed of change and the flurry of information have not inhibited creative collaboration, but have been embraced as a means to create something fresh.
  3. Employee Selection: Best Practices for Reducing Legal Risk in Pre-Hire Assessments: 68% of Fortune 500 companies use psychological testing as a part of their hiring process. Well designed and implemented assessment programs may actually reduce exposure to claims of wrongful hiring and discriminatory hiring by showing objectivity in the hiring process.
  4. Forced Ranking: The Controversy Continues: This paper offers a state of the art view of forced ranking as well as poses further questions that we believe should be addressed as any organization considers the viability of a forced ranking system.
  5. Reducing the Likelihood of Corporate Misbehavior: This paper explores the influencers of corporate behavior and offers suggestions and steps that will help encourage a culture that is ethical, and that reduces legal exposure.
  6. The Brokered Shared Services Model: This paper offers a brief synopsis of the BSSM that, if adopted correctly, can slow and possibly halt the back and forth shift from a centralized to a decentralized HR function.
  7. The Use and Abuse of Executive Coaching: Coaching is being misapplied in cases where an inappropriate diagnosis of the presenting problem, usually targeting a difficult or underperforming executive, results in a much larger problem persisting.